Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Open and honest ... please don't treat the electorate like fools

So are you a member of a political party?  Are you seeking election?  Do you think you ought to tell the electorate that?  Now you might think these are simple straight forward questions, however not everyone appears to see it that way.

In the elections for Cheshire West & Chester Council, and for the Town and Parish Council elections that will also take place on the same day each candidate has the option of describing themselves in up to six words.  As I'm standing for election as a Conservative candidate for Frodsham for Cheshire West and Chester Council I don't think it would be right for me to pretend I am something different in the election for Frodsham Town Council in which I am also standing.  So for the Frodsham East election for the Town Council I am also 'The Conservative Party Candidate.'

Now I don't know, and I don't want to know, who is or is not a member of any other political party - but what do you make of this:

In Frodsham West present Town Councillor Kyle McGregor has been elected unopposed for the Town Council.  Kyle McGregor is one of the Labour Party candidates standing for election to Cheshire West & Chester Council also on 5 May 2011.  Interestingly Kyle is not shown as  'The Labour party candidate' on his nomination papers for Frodsham Town Council although he used and is using that description on his Cheshire West and Chester nomination papers.

In Frodsham South Alan Greggs (a former Labour party candidate for Vale Royal Borough Council) has been proposed for election by the former leader of the Labour party on Vale Royal Borough Council and present Mayor of Frodsham Cllr Brian Lloyd and seconded by his wife Cllr Christine Lloyd who used to work for the former Labour MP Mike Hall.  Alan has left the description box blank.

In Frodsham East present Town Councillor John Maddock (and former Labour party candidate for Vale Royal Borough Council) has similarly left his description blank.
 In Frodsham North present Town Councillor Pammi Taylor (who has been elected unopposed) has been proposed for election to the Town Council by Labour party candidate Kyle McGregor.  Pammi did tell me previously that she had left the Labour party - but it is interesting that she has been nominated by a Labour party candidate.

So, as a voter what do you think.  I know I go for being open and transparent every time.  To do otherwise is to risk misleading people ... and in an open democracy give me openess and transparency every time.

Update - on 19 April 2011 I inspected the Declarations of Member's Interests which each current Councillor is required to keep up to date.  Cllr Kyle McGregor declares he is a member of the Labour party, so does Cllr Alan Greggs, so does Cllr John Maddock.  So if they declare they are members why don't they tell the voters?