Friday, 29 April 2011

The last charge of the old guard... hopefully

Well, we've had our last FTC meeting of the old Council and what a surreal affair it was.
We had the Mayor, the retiring Labour Councillor Brian Lloyd telling us that we should not confuse him with someone who 'gave a monkeys'... but then we also heard him peddling lines that appeared days later in a leaflet from the old guard Councillors seeking to defend their records. Is this the same Brian Lloyd who was so piously telling us that he left politics at the door of the Council chamber?  Absolute nonesense Brian - it doesn't wash.

Nor did it wash when old stager Cllr Hinkins attacked CWaC's record when the rules governing conduct in the run up to an election preclude such conduct.

The challenge we made to Labour Councillor John Maddock to be open and tell the voters that he is a member of the Labour party has worked - in his leaflet he finally admits it - even though you still won't see it on the ballot paper.  Better late than never John - you just shouldn't have tried to con the voters.

Funny thing - Cllr Graham Bondi suggested to me on Wednesday evening that the Frodsham First campaign is a Conservative coalition.  It isn't Graham - it is a group of 12 people, 9 of whom have no party political affiliations and 3 of whom are Conservatives all of whom want a better, more accountable, more effective Town Council.  As 2 of those 3 Conservatives are standing for election to CWaC as Conservatives we told the electorate from the start that they are Conservatives but are happy to work with the common manifesto that was open to all to sign.  Not something anything of the Labour candidates had the integrity to do.

Using Graham's logic should we call his joint campaign with Tony Hinkins and John Maddock as a Labour coalition? 

I well remember the farce when FTC had to co-opt two Councillors a couple of years ago.  The Labour dominated Council refused to co-opt Cllr Mark Ingram one of our Borough Councillors who with Les Ford and I had been elected with 54% of the popular vote to CWaC in 2008.  Tony Hinkins described Mark as a 'man of talent' - but then didn't vote for him.  And instead FTC co-opted two Labour party members - the nearly always silent and/or absent resident of Helsby Cllr Alec Robertson and the then student at Aberdeen University Cllr Kyle McGregor.  They were both preferred to the 'man of talent'.  Graham Bondi also voted with the Labour group. 

On the Tuesday night at the end of the Town Council meeting we saw a tight group of Labour Councillors and those ostensibly independent Councillors who have worked with them group together in yet another private meeting excluding others.  Amongst other things we learnt they were working out who they want to be Mayor and Deputy Mayor next year - exactly the sort of behaviour we are determined to stop.  If you want to discuss things - do it in the open - don't exclude others.

If ever you needed evidence as to way change is so desperately needed - this is it!  Please, let us all put Frodsham First and bring an end to this way of behaving.