Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Get on your bike ...

Well this weekend all of us - that is my wife, three children and I cycled around 25 miles on the marvellous greenways running from Guilden Sutton to Connah's Quay and then back via the cycle ways along the River Dee and the Shropshire Union Canal.  Apart from around 100 yards the entirety of the journey was on segregated routes away from cars and other road traffic.  It was good to see pedestrians and cyclists happily sharing the same space - even on the Shropshire Union Canal towpath where it can be quite narrow.  More importantly it meant that any budding cyclist can concentrate on their technique and not worry about hitting or being struck by a car.

Now I've already pressed for the extension of our cycle route network both to and through Frodsham.  I know we have National Cycle Route 5 (to name but one) but this route is either on the A56 or on the Marshes where the road surface is far from ideal.  Surely we can do more.  Wouldn't it be great if we could link up all our long distance cycle routes?  Wouldn't it be great if we could have more routes away from traffic to places like Delamere Forest or Chester Zoo... and then how about a safe route to Helsby High School for cyclists?

So all this has got me thinking ...
How about we ask Frodsham Town Council to commit to assisting in making Frodsham a cycle friendly place ... and whilst we are at it, get CWaC to do the same.

Then why don't we get FTC and CWaC to identify which of our footpaths could properly and sensibly be made to suite both cyclists and pedestrians where the surface can be shared safely?

What about identifying minor rural roads with little traffic where cyclists could be encouraged? ... I can think of three local roads where we could limit vehicle traffic to 'access only' so no resident or business is affected by the changes and then actively encourage cycling on them... Do you think this would be a good idea?

Incidentally the roads I'm thinking about are Watery Lane,  Godscroft Lane and Hately Lane ... is this a good idea?