Friday, 22 April 2011

Farewell Brian

So, farewell Brian.

Of all the politicians, in all political parties nationally and locally that I have met and known you have stood out for me amongst them all.  You are the class warrior par excellence, the one who would stick to the Labour party line, or seek party political advantage at every turn.

I have to say I don't share your politics, I don't share your approach to politics, I don't share your philosphy of 'my party right or wrong' but I recognise that you have represented Frodsham for many years and all of us must thank you for your service.

But Brian - a final plea, before your final Town Council meeting - try hard, try really, really hard - leave the politics at the door. 

Oh and by the way - to your colleagues seeking election to the Town Council on 5 May - leaving politics at the door doesn't mean hiding your party allegience on the ballot paper.  If you are Labour, and proud of it tell people - don't hide, don't give the impression you could be independents ...