Thursday, 17 March 2011

Overview and Scrutiny

We had our final O&S Committee meeting on Tuesday evening.  It was a fantastic meeting with many reports being submitted and approved.  We had a wonderful report from representatives from the UK Youth Parliament about the image of young people.  They presented a powerful report with pithy recommendations - which we as a committee adopted and enhanced.

Our report on Town & Parish Councils was accepted not only unanimously by the Committee but also by ChALC - the representative body for our Town & Parish Councils.  Then it was a report on our Citizens Advice Bureau - again unanimously accepted.

Our final item of business was our annual report.  I took the opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in Scrutiny over the last 3 years.  I also used the opportunity to explain in straight forward terms where things could have gone better!   If you want to see any of this - the webcast of O&S is available on CWaC's website.  My 10 minute straight talking starts at 1hr06 minutes!