Monday, 14 February 2011

Winter gritting

I spoke with the Head of Manor House school today and hopefully, between us, we'll get more of Langdale Way gritted when it is icy or snowy.  Subject to finalising the arrangements - which lies in the hands of CWaC officers - I'm hoping to assist the school in getting salt supplies and a spreader using the discretionary community grants budget I manage.  They will be able to grit the approaches to the school if the arrangements are approved.

I see this as a continuation of the Lakes Estate experiment - which I'd like to see extended throughout Frodsham & Helsby if we can.  Whether the experiment continues will depend on others' decisions - principally to do with funding.

In the same vein I received a letter today from a local resident who doesn't live on the Lakes Estate praising the efforts being made to improve winter maintenance in Frodsham.  It is nice to be appreciated!