Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pragmatism versus ideals and idealism

'Life is the art of the possible' - this is one of my favourite sayings and hints at the inevitable compromise between impossible idealism and the do-able or pragmatic.  Now most of the time I never find myself in a tussle between pragmatism and idealism - most of the time they amount to the same thing in my book.

However I'm presently wrestling with a situation that is troubling me.  What is pragmatic is not what is ideal.  What I feel is ideal, is also what I think should happen - but not everyone agrees with me.  I can live with the pragmatic option - however it will be an uncomfortable position for me.  It feels like the classic Harry Hill's TV Burp moment when he decides to have a 'fight' between his two competing positions!

As a lawyer I often explain to clients that the only people who can afford to have principles are the very rich or the very stupid who are prepared to fight for them - and happily fill the lawyer's coffers. 

So ... can I navigate these choppy waters with my principles and dignity still intact?  Time alone will tell!  Sorry to be opaque about the issue - sometimes you just have to work it out yourself!