Thursday, 24 February 2011


Well another year another budget - and I have to say CWaC deserves tremendous praise and credit for having produced a budget for next financial year where there is no rise in Council Tax, all front line services are supported - nothing will be closed!  And this in a year when we have faced the front-loaded cuts to Local Government budgets imposed as part of the public sector austerity measures designed to pay down our country's massive budget deficit.

If you are insomniac and want to watch the debate it he web-cast will be available to watch on the CWaC website. 

However a health warning - there was little worthwhile debate.  The Labour opposition suggested very few amendments - and those that they did propose amounted to around 0.3% of the total monies - or as one of my colleagues put it - they agree with 99.7% of what is proposed!