Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blowing in the wind

Peel Energy are seeking to have the representatives on their windfarm community benefit fund steering committee agree a press release with them.  That draft press release is presently being discussed.  I don't like it and have said as much to my colleagues in an email:

Dear colleagues
Whilst it is up to Peel to determine what they want to say in their press release I really don't like their suggestion and the implication that we are in agreement with them.  I don't want to be associated with such a release in any way.  If a balanced press release can be produced (which I doubt incidentally given the polarised positions) which shows the scepticism of the local community, its continued implacable opposition to the windfarm proposals and the view that the suggested contribution by Peel is derisory then fine.  A better way may be for us to send our own release out at the same time saying these things.
Incidentally I was at the Liverpool Airport Consultative Committee recently and they indicated (ball park figs not costed studies) that the second primary radar required to overcome the windfarm sparkles and dead zone would cost of the order of £4m - £6m.  I have understood Peel to say previously that the size of the Community Benefit Fund ('CBF') was dependent on the costs they had to spend on the radar. 
I am very unhappy that Peel would seek to limit the size of the CBF given such an issue and would want to see them pressed on this and the fact that £1.5 m over 25 years is derisory given the damage to the locale and the likely adverse impact on the communities if Chris Huhne the present Secretary of State ever granted permission for the proposals...